Yay! New Forum / Introductions


Hi Enigma Team,

My name is Alvin and I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing… I have just installed catalyst on a windows machine and excited to learn on how to be able to use it to make my life in crypto easier (though I have little knowledge in developing).

Congratulations on your new website and forum.



Hi, my name is Nigel, from Western Australia, and am fairly new to the coding game, especially Python. Am very appreciative of all the work done from the Catalyst team, and hope I can learn lots and give back accordingly. Lets see if this old dog can learn some new tricks. :grinning:


Sean, from the US, and to say that I was excited when I discovered Catalyst is an understatement.

My story: I started investing/trading about a year ago. When I was trying to figure out if there was a way to integrate my Robinhood account with any sort of portfolio tracker or site I could access via desktop, I came across Quantopian and was rather intrigued. As I was both lousy at trading and didn’t have the ability to watch the stock market for the 6 1/2 hours a day it was open, I quickly realized that having an objective, automated way to approach the markets was the way to go. I didn’t know anything about programming, so I took a week off of work and learned enough Python to be able to understand the example algorithms and how Quantopian works, and then started plugging away at writing various strategies and backtesting them to see what works. I wrote some stuff that backtested pretty well, but mostly did nothing in live trading because there wasn’t much in the way of volatility in the stocks/ETFs that I was trading. The whole time this is going on, I’m completely unaware of crypto.

Around August, Quantopian pulled the plug on live trading, and I decided that was the end of my stock market experiment. I’m not sure how I came across it, but I found Coinbase, became intrigued, and started moving my money into crypto. Obviously this was a rollercoaster ride, as I watched some of my investments double in a matter of weeks, then come crashing back. I realized then that I needed a way to be able to trade crypto like I did with stocks and protect myself from massive drawdown. I didn’t know enough to code a bot, so I spent way too much money to buy a Haasbot license, only to spend 6 months tearing my hair out over the fact that I couldn’t write a strategy (either using their built-in indicators, or the regular Haas Script) that could do what I wanted it to, let alone beat the market. I was reading the Quantopian forums again about a month ago when I saw a reference to Catalyst, did a Google search, and found exactly what I had been looking for all these months.

It barely took any time at all to adapt strategies that I had written for stocks to crypto and make the necessary changes to get them to execute in Catalyst, and I think that less than a week after I discovered it, I was already live trading. The results have been OK, as the strategy is sound, I just run into the kinds of errors that you would expect from a project that is in alpha stage. I’m excited for the future and can’t wait to see what develops.

My advice to anyone who is newer to this is to read up on the documentation on Quantopian, and check their forums if you have any questions that haven’t yet been answered here or on the Telegram, Discord, reddit, whatever. 99% of what you read on Quantopian can transfer directly over to Catalyst.



This Can, one of the co-founders. Super exciting to read your story! Make sure you sign up for the marketplace private testing!


Just saw this now (I don’t check the forum everyday), signed up. Glad to help in any way.