What other data sets do you want in the marketplace?


We are starting this thread to gather demand from community members on new data sets! Our team is willing to put some bounties around interesting data sets as well.


We are giving 500ENG bounty for someone to scrape historical volume and marketcap data from coinmarketcap.com as seen in this link for all tokens for all time. Members of the community have been asking for this data set and we believe the demand in the marketplace will be high!


Hey Can,
Tweets related to crypto during Bull Run and Bear Run would be awesome for a training data set for sentiment analysis…


I’ve got this, how do I provide it?


Do you still need this?


Hey @iamrobinhood12345, we are good on the coinmarketcap historical data front, but would love other interesting datasets to be published. Feel free to do so if you have something you think others would benefit from!