Run_algorithm ends at 23:59 no matter the specified value


Hi, running the algorithm with the following parameters

               start=pd.to_datetime('2018-1-1', utc=True),                                                                    
              end=pd.to_datetime('2018-1-4  08:00:00', utc=True),                                                            

results in the algorithm running until “2018-1-4 23:59:00” and not until “2018-1-4 07:59:00”, is it the normal behaviour?


Hi @gemag Thank you for bringing this up. this isn’t normal, can i ask you to open an issue on github regarding this error? Thanks!


Ok, i ll do that! By the way, it is not clear to me which issues shall be raised on github, and what do you mean by troubleshooting here, can you try to clarify this please?


Its preferable that bugs will be posted on github, that way it will be easier for us to monitor on them. I think it’s best to start with posting all issues here, once you get a bit more familiar with catalyst, i presume it will be easier to distinguish between troubleshooting issues and bugs.
btw, I’m working on the bug you posted, it’s a fix that will take a bit time as it seems to be a major issue.