Poloniex data problem with frequency



I’m trying to run some tests using 1min poloniex data which according to https://enigma.co/catalyst/status/#Poloniex shouldn’t be a problem for the most of them however. I’m getting “NoDataAvailableOnExchange: Requested data for trading pair {symbol} is not available on exchange {exchange} in {data_frequency} frequency at this time. Check http://enigma.co/catalyst/status for market coverage.”

Is it the case that only 5minute data are accessible ?



Hi Papan,

Are you running in backtesting or live?
In backtesting, the historical data for all exchanges is organized in 1-day candles for daily bundles and 1-min candles for minute bundles. The status page holds information about the historical data available for backtesting,
In live and paper-trading modes, pricing data is being retrieved directly from the exchanges and is limited by the restrictions imposed by their respective APIs. In Poloniex case, the minimal OHLCV candles resolution is 5 minutes.