Live/Paper trading multiple coins - queries too slow



I have been trying to trade all Binance BTC pairs as the universe, but looping through data.history queries for each pair takes too long (usually ~3, but up to 5 seconds per coin). I believe that it makes 1 query, waits for the response, and makes the next query, causing it to be slow. Could I have coded it to query each coin’s candlesticks without having to wait for the response to the previous coin’s candlestick request? Otherwise, is there any alternative, like streaming data through websocket?


PS: The long query times might have to do with me being in New Zealand. How much time does everyone else take for each query?


I’m finding that a “get history” or “get current” price takes about 3-5 seconds for a single asset- is this due to the exchange api’s slow query? Or is it a problem with catalyst?