How to Setup Enigma's Catalyst on PyCharm


Thanks to Eddie Chung for for this submission!


Yes! I appreciate how your team is making this so accessible for even beginners! I’m looking into this more in a little when I have some spare time :slight_smile:


Thanks for your kind words!

I’ll be releasing more content soon so stay tuned! Next tutorial I’m thinking about doing is how to write your own basic arbitrage bot. I’m also thinking about moving to video tutorials :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Eddie :+1:,

Please can you also describe how you load the data using the terminal in PyCharm before running the example.

Otherwise you get a bunch of errors about "Missing data for poloniex … etc ".


For sure bones. I’ll put it in the queue for my next blog post/video!


@bones Follow these instructions and it should work!


Thanks Eddie, this was for the even newer newbies than me… I was actually quite chuffed with myself for figuring this out :laughing:

BTW: Is there no way of automating the data download process as part of the Python code, to replace the “manual” request through the terminal?


Eddy! good stuff. Cant wait for the future tutorials


Can we do this in a Jupyter notebook?


I am getting this error when installing enigma catalyst

“python egg_info” failed with error code 1"


Unfortunately, this link is dead… /


Should be back up! Working on a Windows tutorial as well now.


Links are dead again


The link is dead again.