Bitfinex data between 2013-03-31 and 2015-02-28? Is it really there? How to access it?


Hi -

according to the Catalyst documentation Bitfinex minute data should be available from 2013-03-31 onwards.

However, we have never gotten a backtest to work starting from that date. We always get the error message:

KeyError: Timestamp(‘2013-03-31 00:00:00+0000’, tz=‘UTC’)

The earliest date from which on our backtests work correctly is 2015-03-01.

Can you please advise what we are doing wrong and how we get the data between 2013-03-31 and 2015-02-28 to work as well? Thank you!


See It is currently not possible.


When will it be possible? Is there an estimated date by which this will be fixed? Thanks



We have just updated the calendar starting date in catalyst release 0.5.16 to 2013-04-01.
Sorry that it took some time.
Feel free to report back.



Unfortunately the former was a bit too early, this still requires additional effort.
The calendar start date was reverted to 2015-03-01 at 0.5.17 and hopefully will be address ASAP.