Are margin orders supported?



are margin orders supported in live trading (required for taking short positions on poloniex for example)? If yes, where can I found the corresponding documentation?

Any help will be much appreciated,


Hi gemag,

Currently, margin orders are not supported in catalyst. We are working on adding the feature in the near future.



They say here ( that by placing a negative number in the order() method, you can short sell.


Thanks Benjamin for your comment, I indeed noticed that using a negative amount in the order method results in a short position. However, I guess it can be only used on exchanges like bitmex where default orders are actually margin orders, right? I ve the feeling that shorting on poloniex, bitfinex, or bittrex will crash the strategy in live trading since, according to Avishai answer, margin orders are not supported yet


Hi Avishai,

Any update wrt to the implementation of margin orders?



We are trying to get to it as soon as we can, however, we have many urgent features to take care of before, so patience will be helpful.


does the margin trading feature implemented yet ?