Arbitrage info and sources


Hi - I’ve downloaded Catalyst and PyCharm and played around with the tech. I’m looking for recommended good sources of info about the process and mechanics of arbitrage in crypto and writing an arbitrage bot. My background is software engineering. I’m primarily interested in the principles and the tech. Thanks.


It’s here right on this very forum Building an arbitrage bot - Part 1: Basics [Tutorial] thanks to @risingblock


Yeah, I’ve watched that and it’s very good. It was more about recommended sources in general. Anyway, I found a few interesting sites, articles and repos after searching around quite a bit.


@mc_sunw, it would be great if you can share those resources with the community!


What sites are those? Please share man


There’s a few articles around and general info you can get just from searching but probably the most interesting thing for me was this: - it’s a bot that uses a market-neutral approach where you take a long and short position on two different exchanges. Not sure about the validity but it’s an interesting idea at least. Also, if you want to play around with seeing general discrepancies between exchanges.